Aislinn the Bard

Seas Boil

Seas boil and mountains move
Sands heat, dragons prove
Red Star passes
Stones pile, fires burn
Green withers, arm Pern!
Guard all passes!
Starstone watch, scan sky
Ready the Weyr, all riders fly!
Red Star passes!

Wheel and Turn

Wheel and turn
Or bleed and burn
Fly between blue and green
Soar up, dive down, bronze and brown
Dragonmen must fly
When Threads are in the sky!

Weyrwoman's Song

By the golden egg of Faranth
By the Weyrwoman wise and true
Breed a flight of bronze and brown wing
Breed a flight of green and blue.

Breed riders, strong and daring
Dragon-loving, born as hatched
Flight of hundreds soaring skyward
Man and dragon fully matched.