Aislinn the Bard

Speak softly to my lizard fair,
Nor raise your hand to me,
For they are quick to take offense,
And quick to champion me.

My Queen’s a gracious golden beast
On bright wing soaring high
Her voice is like the sunlight
That fills the morning sky.
She laughs when I am laughing,
Weeps with me when I cry,
And sings me softly sleeping
A gentle lullaby. (C)

I’ve travelled all across the land
To every craft and Hold,
They help me tell my Harper’s tales
In voices high and bold,
And when I sing of dragons,
Their voices, one with mine,
Join me in a tribute
To all of dragonkind. (C)

Oh, I am a Harper,
And I may never know
The awesome love of dragons
That fills the human soul.
But in the darkness of my mind
My fair speak soft and clear
Thoughts of love and tenderness,
Affection most dear. (C)