Aislinn the Bard

Harper, tell me of the land
That lies beyond the sea
There dragonmen have visited
Now bring the news to me.

The land is lush and green for miles
As far as dragons fly
The scars of Thread are seldom seen
On plain or mountain high.

The produce there is larger
Than any in the North
And faultless are the growing things
The Southern Land brings forth.
Redfruit ripe and hanging
Are always within reach.
White coves right for dragon-baths
Each ringed with sandy beach

Fire-lizards too dwell there
The tiny dragon-kin
Their memories stretch further back
Than man's has ever been.

They can recall our fathers
Who came here long ago
A land to build and then to leave
But why, we do not know.

Still many things are hidden
Things that our fathers knew
And we will seek to strive and learn
That we may know them too.
We'll gain our wisdom then from they
That bore us of the North
In the faultless ringing beauty
That the Southern Land brings forth.