Aislinn the Bard

Beloved, I’ll not leave you,
Though we may never know
The joy of lying, arms entwined,
That other lovers know.
I’ll keep you chaste and distant
As your cruel vows demand,
And I’ll live the life and curse the rules
I’ll never understand.

Beloved, may you never know
The tears I’ve kept till now,
The feelings that I hid inside
The day you took your vow.
Beloved, may you never feel
My anguish or my grief.
My anger at the circumstance
That took you from me.

Beloved, I’d have taken you
To my father’s fine estate,
And you’d have been a Comyn wife,
A lady so great.
But you heard a different call,
And who am I to say
Which way is better, Which road your life should take.

Beloved, if you need someone
To share your inner dreams,
To feel the pain and shed the tears
That you must never shed:
I’ll listen for your haunting call,
Both night and day,
And should you speak to me in mind, Love,
I’ll not be far away.

Beloved, if you need someone
Beside you in your trial,
Someone to stand beside you
When comes time to prove your strength:
I’ll link close in mind with you
And we’ll build a Tower high,
And before I see it faint or fail, Love,
I swear that I shall die!