Aislinn the Bard

Beloved, I must leave you now,
Though only for a while.
I hear a strong voice calling me
I may not deny.
I go to seek my destiny
In the starstone’s deep blue depths.
I hear the Tower calling me
And I must obey.

Beloved, may you married be,
And happy someday;
As I shall know a different joy
On my lonely, separate way.
Beloved, please forgive me
Your anguish and your tears,
For though you seek to hide them, Love,
I know your inner fears.

Beloved, I will come to you
O’re cold, grey plains by night;
For though our hands may never touch,
Our minds may meet by night.
Beloved, may we come to share
An intimacy of mind,
May we charity and peace
In the matrix circle find.

Beloved, will you come to me
In my most desperate hour?
The time of testing of my strength,
The proving of my power.
Beloved, will you help me build
A Tower that will stand;
Through darkest night, through piercing cold,
Through all attack of man?

Beloved, I must leave you now,
Though only for awhile.