Aislinn the Bard

My son, I leave you this legacy,
This matrix now a part of me,
You may know my life,
You may know my death
My final agony.

I am Comyn born and bred,
A Keeper tried and trained.
I have given my life to make
Arilinn’s way more humane.
Less a prison of men’s minds,
Less a life of pain--
And now I’ve nowhere else to go,
No Tower will speak my name!

I’ve no one left I can call kin,
My family’s dead and gone,
Consumed in a tower of fiery flame
Set by a bigot’s hand.
You fools! What would you have me do?
Go to the Terrannan?
Well, better that than I should die
At a fiendish murderer’s hand!

My son, look into the starstone now
Before you sleep this night.
You’re not too young to know my love
Or feel my mortal fright.
My Gods! They’ve come, they’re at my door!
Take the matrix from me!
For I must die, and oh, my son,
You must live for me!