Aislinn the Bard

My starship rides on wings of joy
Her myriad courses 'round
The galaxy and her suns so free
With mystic song resound.
And I am part and parcel
Of the Universe at play
The winds of space are in my soul
And among the stars I'll stay.

I know no love but in her arms
No one may claim my soul
The love I bear for my ship so fair
Is all that keeps me whole.
And I'll take no human lover
Save one who knows full well
That I love the stars and the song they sing
More than human words can tell.

I know no home but in the stars
No planet calls me here.
My home is space whose joy and grace
Casts out my remnant fear.
And though the primal calling
Of Earth may be quite strong
Though I may long for Earth I've been called since birth
By the stars' sweet haunting song.

Oh, I am free in space and time
Eternity's my friend.
Though my heart may cease her living beat
My life will never end.
My spirit joins the chorus
Of the Universe at play.
The winds of space are my time and place
And among the stars I'll stay.