Aislinn the Bard

Sky-bound we're flying
Watching birds and learning how to soar.
Always we're trying
To reach the stars we've never reached before
And the ancient myths recount
Tales of steeds whose wings could not have flown
But Bellaraphon sought out
A Pegasus to call his very own
And your winged chariot sings
Revealer of many things
Of people who've found their wings.

Is it of Paradise or Hell
That all the ancient legends tell?
Did Icarus really fly?
Or leave us to wonder why
We're so caught up in the sky?

Sky-bound you're going
Though some have called you lunatics and fools
Journey past knowing
Around the world without a stop for fuel
And the ancient stories say
Phaeton could not command the sun
But you proved him wrong that day
You've done what Phaeton could not have done
And your winged chariot sings
Forecast of many things
Yes Jeana, you've found your wings.


Sky-bound returning
While the world looks on in innocent delight
His voice discerning
Heralding the ending of the flight
But it is your soul I see
His voice it may have been that told the tale
But your spirit held the dream
And your perseverance made the flight prevail
And your winged chariot sings
Ballad of many things
Yes, Jeana you've shown me your wings.