Aislinn the Bard

I feel my soul is growing
Shining wings to reach the sun
And I feel a wind come calling far and higher
I think I'll soon be going all my journeys just begun
As I lift through shining realms of shifting fire

I feel the starwinds blowing
Through the feathers in the air
Through white and ghostly wings of silver wonder
The winds are Heaven calling
And the winds are rising where
I shall go into the heavens riding thunder

I've watched the sky with yearning
Unbidden through all my years
With no clear understanding of the meaning
The dreams they all are burning
With the pain of drying tears
With ship, or soon without it
I'll be leaving

To fly, and still fly further
Than our ways may know or tell
Of mystic tides of starshine
I'll take measure
I go–I don't know whether
It's to paradise or hell
But the beauty of the journey
Is the treasure.