About These Pages

First, apologies to our blind users for the total inaccessibility of this site. The images on the following pages are intended as design components for a site which is text based. I would not otherwise use such extensive image replacement on my page.

Wireframe contains the skeleton of all the pages in the Aislinn the Bard web site, along with descriptions of what each page section contains for each page type.

Wireframe 2 is a version of these pages where the components have been flipped horizontally to place the main nav on the right and the song title and info on the left. If you were printing an "even" page (for example, one where you wanted to punch holes in the right side bcause you were printing pages back to back) you'd use this version. Heavily right-handed mousers might also appreciate this version.

Compp 1 contains the image components for the storyteller album demonstrating its design theme and the fact that the theme predicts the kind of music on the album.

Comp 2 shows what the page looks like when Highslide is used to display an enlarged image of the Storyteller tray card

This site would lend itself to user customization, for example, telling the server to serve up all the rihgt handed versions using the darker theme,.