Day Of Jubilee

Aislinn the Bard

I’ll sing of hawk and dragonfire
Of miracles and men
I’ll sing of places far beyond
My outer vision’s ken
I’ll sing of pride and sorcery,
Of lovers, priests and kings
I’ll sing of wars and heroes and of
Golden bells in spring.

I’ll sing of endless galaxies
Of planets far away
I’ll tell you stories closer than
Their times or places say
I’ll sing of dragons dreaming
In a sun-swept paradise
I’ll sing of madness and of hope
Beneath the storm-tossed sky.

And when I’ve told my story
May you ask no more of me
Than the healing that its telling brings
Of bonded souls set free
This world would be a poorer place
If no one ever thought
Of dragon-songs or hawks in flight
Or lovers linked in thought.