Day Of Jubilee

Aislinn the Bard

I’ve a few words of advice
For anyone who sings,
Some cures for laryngitis
And other nasty things.
A dose of royal jelly
Will cure most anything
And practice, practice, practice
Till you make the rafters ring!

Practice, practice, practice
Till the paint comes off the wall!
Practice, practice, practice,
Till the roof begins to fall!
And when you’ve sung a scale,
Sing an aria or two
And practice, practice, practice
Till you break the windows too!

You go out to a party,
You’ve sung till 4AM
You think you’ll never ever
Have the guts to sing again.
But after a couple hours of sleep,
When the morning greets your eyes
The beauty of the morning sun
Makes the notes begin to rise!

I know that my Redeemer lives
In the early morn
And there’s nothing quite so lovely
As “Unto Us A Child is Born”
And when the notes of “Rejoice Greatly”
Start to rise
My friends look at me in grim despair
And big tears fill their eyes.
‘Cause I’ll…

So if it is your heart’s desire
To truly learn to sing
A bit of good instruction
Will cure most anything
With the help of a good teacher,
You will sing with ease--
Just remember practice, practice, practice
Is the road to expertise!