Day Of Jubilee

Aislinn the Bard

Until we know the human mind
In all its myriad ways
The speed of C will be a mystery
To haunt our endless days
And traveling between the stars
Will be a distant dream
Till the first young pilot makes the trip
Much easier than it seems.

Will this young pilot be like
All the ones who’ve gone before?
Or will she be a vision-child,
Taught by time and more?
Will he fly with grace and ease
Beyond the realms of thought
An innocent by dreams
And pure imagination taught.

This I know
She’ll sing the song of all the stars unbound.
He’ll seek eternity,
Capture it and bring it sending ‘round.
She’ll travel past the realms of day,
Beyond the realm of night
Through a wealth of living rainbows,
In a pure and timeless flight.

I wish that I could be the one
To take that perfect flight
To seek the joys that we may know
Beyond the speed of light.
But now my mind will make the trip
Much easier than it seems--
And in my heart my starship’s flight
Is more than just a dream.