Day Of Jubilee

Aislinn the Bard

There’s panic in the markets,
Stock prices tumbling down
And in our banking system
No sanity is found
We’ve had years of speculation
Without consequence or fear
But stand up you Wall Street minions,
For the Jubilee is here!

And we’ve borrowed past the point of no return
And then beyond
We look around and wonder
Just where all the money’s gone
Ane I’ll forgive you all your debts
As you’ve forgiven me.
But no one will be smiling
On the Day of Jubilee.

Did you write a software program,
A novel or a game?
Our way of rendering value
Is always just the same.
Aid if it’s bought with borrowed money,
That value’s fickle as the wind
And it fades away to nothing
As the Jubilee begins!

So you want to start a business,
You just need a little cash
Well, where is all the capital
Now that the market’s crashed?
We need these odd securities
To keep enterprises free
But senseless speculation
Will bring on the Jubilee!