Day Of Jubilee

Aislinn the Bard

My ship is the Windsong, she’s noble and true,
And my captain is brilliant and so is her crew
And I am her pilot as such I was trained,
And except for my flying I’m mostly insane.
While most of my friends finished up junior high
Some men came and found me and taught me to fly
I fly like an angel, in port I’m a fool.
They don’t teach you about manners in star pilots’ school.
So my accent’s atrocious and my clothes are a mess,
And my hair looks like that of a cat in distress
I don’t know port customs, I don’t really care.
I’ve seen five worlds this month, it just plain isn’t fair.

Lalala lalala lalala la
Lalala lalala lalala la.

Our first major stop was Aldebaran 5,
They had some new drug there they wanted to try
I looked young and healthy and quite naïve,
When they asked me to try it I just rolled up my sleeve.
The world turned all funny, the sky it did too,
Much like a hyperspace transit I knew
I grinned at them madly and said I could fly
And took off like a bird for the bright morning sky.
I landed much later with no lack of grace,
But the cops had decided to raid the place.
They took me to jail and they locked me up tight
Till the captain could come bail me out that night.

The control room of Windsong they say is my home,
But on shore I would much rather be free to roam.
To go places and do things that I’ve never done—
It’s the only way left for a girl to have fun.
But the captain he kept me on board half a year
In spite of my threats and my pleas and my tears
He said “You are young, and you must learn to think!”
It was there on that ship that I learned how to drink.

We set down on some world in sector 18
Whose bars were much nicer than many I’ve seen
I drank and I drank till I could drink no more
And then I passed out dead cold on the floor.
The captain he came in with great speed and haste,
Said “We must life right now, we have no time to waste!
Have you seen our young pilot, she’s so dear and sewed,
And without her our ship won’t Jump 20 feet!”
The bartender grinned and looked at the floor
And just at that moment I started to snore
My snoring awoke me with quite a start
And I stared at the Captain with dread in my heart.
I regarded him with a wide, silly grin,
Said “I fear I’ve drunk more than I should have—again!
I can’t find the door, I can’t walk a straight line—
What good is a pilot who’s too drunk to fly?”
The captain he carried me back to the ship,
With the help of good drugs I sobered up quick
He withheld all my wages till five years should end, said
“You cannot get drunk with no money to spend!”
I saw fifty worlds then quite young and quite broke,
I felt that the lack of a wage was no joke
I said it was slavery, my lawyer agreed,
And we sued the good captain for his bonnie ship’s deed.
So I now own a starship and I’m just eighteen,
Much younger than many ship owners I’ve seen
Though my wages all go to pay my legal fees,
I can fly where I want to and drink what I please.
This song has a moral as many songs do
For starships and pilots and captains and crews
You can discipline crewmen of most any age,
But you’re risking a fight if you hold back a wage.