Dance in the Light

Aislinn the Bard

Michal was loyal to everything royal
For she was the daughter of Saul
But her husband was poorish and frightfully boorish
With simply no manners at all.

It was her fate to marry a mate
Who'd grown up with chickens and sheep
And how to bring charm to this boy from the farm
Was causing his queen to lose sleep.

Oh she had to confess that he was a success
In the eyes of the world Dave was famous
But of how kings comport themselves while in court
He remained a complete ignoramus.

David's heart soared and he danced to the Lord
In a manner more free than refined
And his poor little wife got the shock of her life
So she gave him a piece of her mind.

"I don't care a smidgin about your religion
As long as it's solemn and chaste,
But the way you're behaving with arms wildly waving
Is shockingly lacking in taste!

"Oh I'll agree dancing is fine for romancing
And I've done no extensive research
But I'm sure you will see that it lacks dignityAnd is frightfully bad form in church!

"So if you must raise your spirit in praise
Be sure that it's soothing and calm!
The Lord, I am sure, would really prefer
Something more like the twenty-third Psalm!"

The Lord's annointed became disappointed
He knew he had nary a chance
Of ever persuading this pprim royal maiden
That the Lord is a lover of dance.

Oh churches these days talk a lot about praise
And the joy that accompanies good news
But don't tap your feet or getout of the seat
For Michal still lurks in the pews

And when you have ended, she might be offended
And so it is better by far
To act out your praise on those great joyful days
With some friends in a neighborhood bar.

"Dance, dance wherever you may be
I am the lord of the dance," said He
"And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be,
And I'll lead you all in the dance," said He.