Dance in the Light

Aislinn the Bard

Jesus, Master
Savior Redeemer, Friend
Emanuel, God with us
Holy, incarnate, born of a Virgin
The paradox of human and divine
Died on the cross when the sky turned black
For our iniquity
To set us free
Mighty worthy
Lamb of God
You are everything
Power and glory and honor
And all that I am is yours
You are my heart's desire
You are my spirit's fire
You bring the conforter
You are the Word
Jesus, lamb of God
You are the Bread of Life
You are the Resurrection
Freedom bringer, soul singer
Light of the world
Light of my life
Light of my soul
You are my beginning
You are my end
My eternity
My king, to whom I am sworn
And whom I worship
My brother and my friend
Miracle of God
Incarnater, resurrected
You have conquered the grave
Beginning and end
All I want, and all I need.
You are awesome indeed!