Dance in the Light

Aislinn the Bard

I built an altar to my Lord
And on it I did place
All the things that kept me from
His spirit's gentle grace.
My body, sick with gluttony
And addiction's slavery
My spirit torn by myriad falls
And battered dignity.

I placed upon it all the things
That mattered most to me
The stories, songs, and harpers' tales
Of vast Eternity
The spiral dance,
My heart's desire
The chains that held me fast,
The memory of the raging fire
Of present future's past.

I built my altar out of stone
The steel within my brain
With walls around as thick as night
And doors as black as bane.
I sealed myself in darkness, then
And let the battle rage
Through tears of crystal silver fire
In an empty golden age.

My spirit nearly lost the war
Till the winds of change swept free
And a haunting voice called through the story
Oh, daughter, dance with me!
In realms of flowing light I sought
Redemptive harmony
The gentle song of Christ the King
Who brings Eternity

My altar stands before HIm now
Filled with the Spirit's light
This warrior, once so battle-bound
Has found the dance of light
My altar still bears all the things
That matter most to me
But centered now in Christ the king
Who set my spirit free.