Aislinn the Bard

About The Songs

There are several types of songs on this recording. Some are settings of Anne McCaffrey's words, some are completely original, but written in the universes of Pern and Darkover, and some are written by other songwriters.

Teaching Songs of Pern

These eight songs are settings of Anne McCaffrey's lyrics written by Anne Prather. They are duets for guitar and voice, rather than songs with simple accompaniments.

  1. Alarm Chorus
  2. Seas Boil
  3. Wheel And Turn
  4. Weyrwoman's Song
  5. Question Song
  6. Fire Lizard Song
  7. Brekke's Lament
  8. Song for Petiron

Folk Songs of Pern

These songs by Anne Prather and Julia Ecklar with some lyrics by McCaffrey are the more conventional folk songs with simple vocal parts with simple guitar accompaniments.

  1. Storyteller
  2. Moreta
  3. Running Song
  4. Southern Lands
  5. First Fall
  6. Speak Softly

Songs of the original Darkover

These songs by Anne Prather and Cynthia are all directly based on specific books in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover universe.

  1. Hawkmistress
  2. Stormqueen
  3. Cleindori's Lament
  4. Lament of a Dry-Town Bride
  5. The Chieri
  6. Fires of her Vengeance
  7. Midsummer Song

Songs of Anne Prather's Darkover

Marion Zimmer Bradley thought that people who wrote Darkover stories wrote in alternate versions of the planet. In Anne's version, some Keepers did live happy and dedicated lives, experiencing (and being satisfied with) the love they found in the matrix circle

  1. Teaching Song
  2. Keeper's Lament
  3. Leavetaking Eve
  4. The Pledge