Aislinn the Bard

  1. Prelude/West With The Night

    Beryl Markham was working as a bush pilot in Africa when she decided to attempt a solo flight across the Atlantic from east to west –against the wind. She was the first person to accomplish this feat.

  2. Death Song of a Fighter Pilot

    I've wondered for many years if my extreme desire for flight was the result of having been a fighter pilot in a previous life.

  3. Phoenix

    The sequel to Death Song of a Fighter Pilot –acknowledging the past and going forward.

  4. Firefalcon

    Imagine a single craft, shaped like a falcon, capable of flying between the stars and re-entering the atmosphere using its wings.

  5. High Wings

    This song celebrates the utter conviction some people have that they can fly –with or without a ship or plane. This song is one of three from the Starmasters universe.

  6. Sourdough Skies

    The lyrics to this song were written by Jim "Sourdough" Jackson in honor of the work of Alaskan bush pilots. Sourdough spent his childhood in Sitka, Alaska, where bush pilots are a part of daily life.

  7. Skybound

    In 1986, the Voyager, designed by Bert Rutan and piloted by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager, made the first round-the-world journey without a stop for fuel. This song honors Jeana Yeager, whose perseverance made the flight possible. Her hearing was damaged by the long, noisy flight.

  8. (The Wind Is) A Game Played By Two

    On the occasions I've tried flying, it always felt to me as though the wind and I were having a conversation –about life and angle of attack, the interaction of surface with air current, and the course I wanted to take versus where the wind wanted me to go.

  9. Memorial

    I wrote this song as a memorial for the seven Challenger astronauts the day after the ship exploded shortly after launch.

  10. What the Heck Good is Heaven (If You Don't Have Wings)

    Some people want to sing when they get to Heaven. I want to do aerobatics. This wouldn't be possible without wings...

  11. Space Child Lost

    The heroine of the song has discovered she's a starship pilot –no getting out of it and no way her lover can join her. Her lover is not happy. This is the second song from the Starmasters universe.

  12. Star Pilot's Hymn

    In a future Galactic Navy, this is the song sung for fallen starship pilots. I've also sung it at present-day funerals. It's in common meter, the most frequently used hymn meter. It is the third song on the album from the Starmasters universe.