Dance in the Light

Aislinn the Bard

  1. Lord of the Dance

    These words are most frequently sung to the tune of "Simple Gifts." I found this tune in a collection of SF and fantasy songs accredited to "Anonymous." The tune struck me as much more like a dance, so I included it here to convey the idea of a celebratory dance of worship.

  2. Free

    A simple statement of faith written when I was a sophomore in high school.

  3. The Lord is Present

    A simple, energetic acknowledgement of God's presence in our worship– and our response.

  4. Michal

    There was a wild celebration when David brought back the Ark of the Covenant. He danced in the street– naked. Really! It's all right there in 2 Samuel 6.

  5. Psalm 121

    Growing up in Colorado, the mountains served to remind me where my help came from. This song brought me to the notice of the rest of the Wheaton College community as a composer and singer.

  6. On the Night

    This was the first original song I ever performed in public. I was just short of 15 years old at the time and in love with "Stairway to Heaven," from which the music drew inspiration.

  7. Jesus Chant

    Can you sing praise to God for more than a minute? This piece was my answer to that challenge.

  8. The Miracle

    A pagan friend once asked if I was afraid to bargain with the gods. This song was my answer to her– the bargain is complete.

  9. Altars

    I wrote this song in the early 1990's for a Sunday School lesson on worship for middle schoolers. It is my closest song to a "testimony song."

  10. Peter's Ballad

    Tradition says that when St. Peter was crucified, he was blind. This song is written as though Peter were telling his story to the boy leading him to the cross at his crucifixion. Paula was 16 when she wrote it.

  11. Dayspring

    My best friend at Wheaton was a marathon runner who knew the importance of keeping a steady pace. We had a gospel duo called Dayspring; this was our signature song.

  12. I Love my Lord

    Edie wrote this lovely, deeply devotional song in half an hour when she was 16. It was wildly popular among the youth of the Diocese of Colorado during the mid and late '70s.

  13. Abba, Father

    This song was written for the "Abba, Father" series of Catholic evangelist Brennan Manning. I use the word "Eternity" to represent a dimension beyond ordinary time.

  14. The Kingdom Song

    The story of a Kenyan runner, disqualified because of doubts about her gender, reminds us that a "son" is a person of whatever gender who shares a Y chromosome with the father. We share in Jesus' genetic heritage through the Eucharist and are, therefore, all "sons" of God.

  15. Nunc Domitus

    I needed a way to end shows, and this is my favorite part of the Compline service. I wrote it in 1977.